Cooking Recipes!


Hi Guys!

I know you could be thinking a lot at the moment…. Food? What a random post right?

Well I have a lot of interest in cooking as you can see hence why the topic 🙂 I would always cook this when I feel like eating something really tangy and tasty as well as spicy! As I come back from University, I cook food often in my spare time (oh the joys of being a student living away from home hey!)

The recipe which I will be giving today is ‘Stir fry noodles’ which is made in my own way of course. As I am an asian I love to eat quite a lot of chilli, so if you are not a chilli fan, you may not have to use it at all.

Right the ingredients you will need:

  • 1 whole onion
  • Vegetables (I used microwave steamed vegetables as they are easier to warm up and then put them in the cooking wok, these can be purchased from Spars)
  • Sweet and Sour sauce  by Sharwood’s or a sweet and sour sachet sauce by Blue dragon
  • Minced Quorn (add a certain amount)
  • Medium sized Sharwood’s Noodles
  • Chilli (not necessary)
  • Masala’s (salt, ginger and garlic powder or cubes would do)
  • Soya Sauce

Add oil into the wok (this could be an estimate or add 3/4 spoons of it). Chop the onions into chunky slices. Cook till the onion look golden/brown colour. Add the masala’s in and chilli. Then add the mince quorn in, along with the Sharwood sweet and sour sauce. Mix it all together.  Add the fresh Sharwoods Noodles in, add soya sauce and mix altogether again.


Hope you enjoy my recipe

Please to rate and comment on what you thought of the recipe.  (Might add some pics up soon so please bear with me :-))

Thanks! 😀


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    • Sam, thanks for reminding me!.. The quorn is a vegan type product, which looks like meat but it isn’t made out of meat, it is made from soya and beans, so you can use this instead of actual meat. So it is also for vegetarian!.. I will have to update this now for saying it is vegatarion lol!

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